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Women in Business: Meet Christina Nimely who balances her 9 to 5 alongside a beauty brand and how she is redefining the beauty industry!

"Success to me is waking up each morning with a smile on your face and a heart full of contentment knowing that you’ve left you footprint in the world that has bettered the life of others"

Beauty, Consumer Goods, Entrepreneur, Founder, Social Impact, Women in Business

Meet Valerie Obaze, The Founder Behind Africa’s Leading Luxury Brand

"Supporting women is everything to me. I love working with, partnering with and collaborating with other female owned businesses. When we support each other we are stronger. Everyday I’m inspired by the strong rural women in Northern Ghana who process all of the raw ingredients that R&R uses in product formulations. These beautiful women work from sunrise to sunset processing the raw ingredients by hand and stop at nothing to ensure that they can provide their children with an education and a good start in life which is something I can relate to"

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Career Conversations with Tumi Soyinka!

"I recently re-discovered that being a creative is in my DNA. Sometimes, role dependent, working in corporate can ‘help’ you forget about the things that get you excited. Storytelling - whether through writing, partnering with dope black creatives for my podcast series, photography, branding - these are the things that tickle me"

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How Sarah Ribner built and scaled Piper Wai!

“If you are not represented, it is your opportunity to become the representation. The really cool thing about being a founder is that you get to write your own narrative and rules. It is really powerful that as an executive woman, you have the power to change the conversation about black women at work and what it means to be a woman of color in your space”